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      In the spring of 1984, Nellie Carbaugh and her husband Major Carbaugh founded Bennett’s Creek Women’s Softball League.  Nellie wanted to play ball and with the help of her husband Major, a league was created for women by women.  It was a great and simple idea, a women’s league run by the women.  A Board was created and Major became the first president. Major and Nellie with the help of a few friends drew up bylaws for the new league. These bylaws are what make this league so unique. The word spread like a wildfire and all the Mom's of the Little League wanted to play.  It didn’t matter if you had played all of your life or had never played before.  It was about women coming together for camaraderie and fun.

     The first year, there were five teams:  The Blue Angels, The Lady Bugs, The B.C. Babes, The Shamrocks, and The Seagulls.  The Blue Angels took the championship that first year.  In the years that followed, the number women that wanted to play grew.  Every woman from ages 19 to 99 was welcome in that first season.  The starting age is now 18 (17 if graduated from high school).  Our oldest player to date was 67 years young.  This should give us all hope, that no matter what your age, there is a place where all are welcome to get a little exercise, fun, and time to share with friends who enjoy the game. Year after year, women still come to play and the number of teams has never gone below the original five teams.  Each year, a new Board is elected by the players and the league continues to thrive because of the women who donate their time to make it a success.  All those years ago, the women who played in that first season talked about their daughters playing and now those same daughters are players and continue to help make the league a success.  Special thanks to Nancy McCrickard for the information contained in this history of Bennett’s Creek Women’s Softball League.  Nancy is one of the original players of the league and continues to be involved with the league as a Manager today.

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